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  • Emma Newling

Series Start: Curriculum Connections

The principle of the ‘curriculum connections’ series is to spark ideas for classroom or subject teachers.

These posts will not provide a comprehensive biblical overview of each topic, rather they aim to present a biblical perspective (or perhaps a couple of angles) that teachers could explore with their students.

The posts will follow a similar format (outlined below), though not all headings will be relevant to every post.

The (general) format:

  • The knowledge domain & topic

  • Some thoughts on biblical and/ or theological connections

  • Examples for K-4

  • Examples for Year 5+

  • Resources for teachers

My prayer is that these subject specific posts may be a springboard for thinking about your teaching and learning sequences as you teach a secular syllabus within a biblical worldview. The post Planning a feast: ideas for teaching Christianly is where I set out 5 different, practical ways you can include biblical perspectives in your programming.

Posts in the Curriculum Connections series will be tagged with 'curriculum connections' and the relevant knowledge domain.

Psalm 19 expresses what many of us want our students to understand: that God’s creation declares his glory (v1-6), but it is through his word (his law, testimony, precepts, commandments, rules) that we gain wisdom, true treasure, warning, reward and ultimately life (v7-13). The psalm finishes with a prayer that I hope you will make your own as you honour God in your classroom by walking in his ways.

Gracious God,

May the words of my mouth

and the thoughts of my heart

be pleasing in your sight,

my rock and my redeemer.


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